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Automatic Hull Cleaning & Diagnostic


Welcome to the future: the car-wash for ships!

Imagine a car wash, the brushes, the water jets, moving from front to rear and cleaning in a fast, cheap and reliable way your car… now turn it upside down, put down into the water, and scale it up for cleaning the hull of vessels of up to 400 meters!

Now go beyond, add an array of advanced sensors to monitor in real time the state of the hull, from a thin layer of fouling to strong encrustation of barnacles and control the robotic arms of the brushes. Then add a double inflatable barrier on both sides and powerful pumps and autocleaning filters to recycle all the water in the cleaning chamber and prevent any waste residue to go outside into the surrounding waters.

This is WhaleWashing, the new innovative ground-breaking technology that promises to change the maritime maintenance business forever and that will have a global impact on the environment and sulfur and carbon emissions!

But there is more than that! WhaleWashing introduces a new in-water hull scansion and diagnostic. Hi-definition sensors and transducers allow a full analysis of the hull surface and will provide invaluable data for hull maintenance.

Who we are

WhaleWashing is a new maritime startup company, based in Rotterdam and built with enthusiasm and dedication by its founders. We have different fields of expertise, from engineering to software, to sales but we share the same the passion for the sea.

What we do

We want to build a car-wash for commercial vessels of medium and large sizes. A fully automated machine operating in the water and removing the bio-fouling encrusted on the hull of the vessels, saving fuel, increasing speed and reducing the carbon footprint.

Where we work

We have chosen Rotterdam as our hometown and the Port of Rotterdam as the first port where to start our business and install the first machine. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in Europe and one of the more technologically advanced in the world.

What services do we offer?


WhaleWashing has been designed to clean in-water the surface of the hull of every type of vessel. Our top of the notch technology will remove any marine growth in a reliable and fast way, eliminating the first cause of friction during navigation and saving fuel and emissions.


With an advanced array of sensors and transducers derived from space and defense technology, we offer a turnkey solution for hull diagnostics and naval classification. Furthermore, the full assessment of the state of the hull allows better scheduling of the maintenance downtimes.


The hull of the ships and the inlets lend themselves to hiding goods for smuggling purposes. Our hull scansion technology is also feasible for security inspections by customs to effectively counteract smuggling and international traffic in illicit goods.

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WhaleWashing Group will start operating the first automatic washing and diagnostic facility in the Port of Rotterdam in the first quarter of 2021. We offer some free cleaning and/or hull diagnostic to all the prospect customers, shipowners and charters that will sign a letter of intent / pre-contract with us.
Don't miss this opportunity, contact our sales division today! 

Contact our Sales Division today!

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