WM floating station


WhaleWashing is a mechanical engineering and robotic breakthrough. Our cleaning machines come into different classes and sizes.
The main WM we propose to the customer is the AWM class: an independent floating platform, self-propelled or stationary. Best suited to clean medium and large vessels in a strategic position inside the port near the terminals or before the locks of commercial canals. It moves in the stern-to-bow direction cleaning in one pass the entire hull. Different models can address vessels of size between AWM-50(up to 50mts in length) AWM-150 (up to 150mts in length) or the biggest machine AWM-230 ( able to wash ships up to 230 meters in length ).
All the models have an autonomous and fully automated cleaning group, computer-controlled with real-time sensors on board. The cleaning technology is based on custom-designed brushes with layers of different stiffness that can exert varying pressure on the hull depending on the thickness and consistency of the biofouling deposit. Additionally, an array of powerful water jets soften the biofouling encrustation during the different phases of the cleaning process. The combination of brushes and water jets allows avoiding chemical additives during the washing process that uses just water, making the whole process environmentally safe. All the water used in the cleaning group is actively pumped away, micro-filtered by self-cleaning filters, and recycled. All the organic waste material is collected, dehydrated, and compacted in special tanks on board the machine and on the quay. Nothing is dispersed in the outer sea and harbor environment. The machine has low maintenance and operational costs, ideally, just one computer-assisted operator is sufficient to operate the machine. 


Metallic infrastructures

WhaleWashing proposes the supply and the installation of the port facilities of the on-shore metallic structures to operate the washing machine and to treat the washing sludges. The structures can be moved on different places in other port areas, following the needs of the port authorities or the different washing activities.


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